Monday, November 21, 2011

Reshawishkar -2: An exhibition on 'lines'

Sudhir Patwardhan has brought for us the 2nd show of the series of two exhibitions focusing on ‘lines’, called ‘Reshawishkar-2’(expressions of lines). ‘Pune’ites had a great opportunity to look into some of the very personal artist sketchbook pages, exercises and finished artworks created using various renditions of lines in the first show held in September.

Reshawishkar-2 gives us an excellent opportunity to see works by veteran artists K.G, Subramaniyan, Himmat Shah, Sudhir patwardhan himself, Dilip Ranade and Parag Tandel. We will also be able to interact with artist Dilip Ranade and sculptor Parag Tandel during the viewing of a slide show of their works on Sunday, 27th Nov., 10:30 AM at Sudarshan Gallery, Pune.

K.G. Subramanian (b.1924) - One of the very senior artists from India, K. G Subramanian is well known for his expressive figurative compositions. For him, the sketches which are exhibited in the show are like daily ‘Riyaaz’ (dictionary meaning is ‘practice’, which is often used in the context of everyday practice in Indian classical music tradition). If you are familiar with the K.G.’s work, here is your rare chance to also have a look at his artistic preparations and candidly done ink drawings on paper.

Himmat Shah (b.1933) – A well known sculptor of India, Himmat Shah is recognized for his experiments with various materials in his works, from terracotta, bricks, to metals and plasters. It is very interesting to study his sketches which are quite different in approach from his sculptures. These sketches are not meant to be exhibited as art creations but as his personal studies. This gives us a feel of how a sculptor exercises art in 2D, forming ideas and later taking them to a different 3D expression.

Sudhir Patwardhan (b.1949)- I was lucky to meet him on the opening day of the show and get a first hand view of his graphite sketches exhibited in the show. Patwardhan is well known for his multi-faceted figurative cityscapes. His concern is with everyday metropolitan Indian life, particularly of Mumbai. Thus his sketches are also a sort of information gathering of his subject matter. With observations and photographic references, he brings in this atmosphere into his sketches which then translates into full-fledged paintings. It is quite wonderful to see some of his preparatory sketches in the show.

Dilip Ranade (b.1950)- Mumbai based artist Dilip Ranade is well known for his mystical line drawings. His drawings are mostly done with the geometric pen on paper. Ranade’s work is a walkthrough into the world imagined by him. Objects and people we may recognize otherwise look absolutely different here, they appear like metaphors of the unspecific. It is very interesting to see how simple thin black line can create a space that looks so vast on a small paper.

Parag Tandel (b.1978) - Parag is a Mumbai based sculptor, recognized for his contemporary sculptures and sculptural installations. His innovative sculptural works created out of unconventional materials like plastic, fiber and rubber are very different from his ink and graphite works which are part of this show. These are works consisting of irregular line patterns and geometrical forms or interwoven structures. They are not initiated to achieve any predefined artistic goal but loosely experimented compositions. It is a treat to get a closer look of the works of this young sculptor.

This show is a must for artists, art lovers and art students in Pune. For all those who will not be able to attend, here is a small glimpse of the artworks (Click to enlarge).

Sincere thanks to Sudhir Patwardhan for bringing this 2nd show to Pune as promised! :)

Reshawishkar-2 (Expressions of lines)
18th November-30th November2011, 11AM to 8PM.
Address : Sudarshan Kala Dalan (art gallery is in the basement of the Sudarshan Rang Manch,- a place well known for the experimental theater shows) Near Ahilya Devi high school, Shanivar Peth, Pune-30.