Tuesday, February 07, 2012

R.I.P. Antoni Tàpies (13 December 1923 – 6 February 2012)

One of the geatest Spanish artists from the post war era, Antoni Tàpies passed away on 6th February 2012 in Barcelona, Spain at the age of 88. R.I.P dear Tàpies.

It is difficult to choose the right words to describe Tàpies’s work, and to classify it only under ‘Art Informel’ or ‘Tachisme’ feels inadequate. I think he is one of the greatest expressionist artists of our time. Some artists leave their influence over the generations to come, Tàpies is one such artist. Not just Spain but the entire art world loved him and cherished his fantastic paintings.

 Marble dust, sand, rags, earth and all the other materials that Tàpies used in his art have created an artistic language that speaks about a fundamental understanding of our own existence. His work is pure, honest and a very stark statement about our constantly changing surroundings. Wars, atom bombs, politics, industrialization – all part of our changing world demand a huge toll on our sensibilities. Not that everyone has to take a note of it, but many artists attempted addressing these concerns across the world. I feel Tàpies belonged to that generation and is among the very few who really succeeded in expressing these views boldly.

Shades of grays, muddy browns and stark black- all sifted from different  material powders were Tàpies’s armada of colors in his long and dedicated journey as an artist. He molded colors and forms to speak his language, and what was created was truly majestic.

A dedicated museum in Barcelona called ‘Fundacioantonitapies’, holds one of the largest single collections of Tàpies’s artworks. 

There is quite a bit of literature about Tàpies in books and on the internet. Also many of his very interesting paintings can be found online. I recommend you to ‘discover’ your own Tàpies in case you have not done that already!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Debu, un taureau dans les plaines comme une montagne jamais ne se couche quand le vent de l'Histoire souffle fort, ainsi est Tapies. Superbe, je vous remercie Debu de votre passage; Amicalement: thibault

david weir art said...

Hello Debu, the most prolific artist , very sad.great post.

Avdhoot said...

i like the fact that it is always 'something new' that i find in your blogs...

Sophie Munns said...

What a wonderful post Debu a fitting tribute to this great artist.
May 2012 be an excellent year for you!

Lynn said...

You've written a wonderful tribute to this great artist.

Debu Barve said...

Thig, It's always very very interesting to learn your opinion from your beautiful comments. Thanks for this lovely one too!

David, Thanks, indeed he was great!

Avdhoot, Thank you very much.

Sophie, Thanks dear! Same to you.

Lynn, Thanks a lot. Hope the winter is getting better there!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Wonderful tribute, Debu.
Tapies' work is fascinating!

Debu Barve said...

Stephanie, Thanks! Yes, really he was a fascinating artist.His impact on our understanding of art will stay for ever.

Anonymous said...

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